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ETF Basics

An introduction to Exchange traded Funds (ETFs). What they are, how they work, and how they came into being. Understanding the basics of ETFs will help an investor decide if they should be part of his or her portfolio.

What is an ETF?
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are funds consisting of a combination of stocks that track a market, sector or industry index.

11 Types of ETFs
ETFs are generally categorized into the eleven most common types of ETFs. Style ETFs, Market ETFs, Sector and Industry ETFs, Country and region ETFs, foreign currency ETFs, ETNs, Inverse ETFs, bond ETFs, commodity ETFs, derivative ETFs, and innovative ETFs.

How to Get Started with ETFs
Before you can get started trading ETFs, it is important to understand the investment vehicle before you add them to your portfolio. Therefore it is important to understand the basics about Exchange Traded Funds.

Getting Started with ETFs
Learn the basics about ETFs and how they can benefit your portfolio. From selling, buying, and trading ETFs we can help you get started with exchange traded funds.

How to Invest in the Stock Market with ETFs
ETFs are a simple way to invest in the stock market without taking on high levels of risk and incurring high transaction costs and fees.

What is in an ETF?
What is in an ETF? If you’re considering an ETF for your trading strategy, you might want to peek under the hood and see what little funds are made of.

List of ETFs and ETNs (A Through N)
A complete list of ETFs and ETNs with a link to each individual exchange traded fund profile. Your ETF investing research starts here.

List of ETFs and ETNs (O Through Z)
A complete list of ETFs and ETNs with a link to each individual exchange traded fund profile. Your ETF investing research starts here.

How Do ETFs Compare to Other Investments
In some situations ETFs can be the investment of choice. And I have a lot of information to help you make that choice.

ETFs Create Revenues, Returns and Savings
ETFs not only create a ROI, but also produce a revenue stream as well as save you money. Here are a few different ways your trading strategy can profit from ETFs.

What Happens When an ETF Closes its Doors?
Whether it be for a lack of interest or another reason, some ETFs will have to be taken off the market. So what happens if you have these funds in your portfolio?

ETF Splits – How Reverse and Regular ETF Splits Work
Since ETFs are mini-portfolios that trade like stocks, they are also susceptible to regular splits as well as reverse splits. So as an ETF investor, it’s important for you to understand the ETF splitting process and how it impacts your portfolio

What is an ETP?
An Exchange Traded Product is just the catch-all phrase for ETFs, ETNs and sometimes ETFs of ETFs, which are truly just ETFs. So when people refer to ETP’s they are just referring to notes and funds as a whole.

What are Close Ended Funds (CEFs)
A close ended fund consists of shares of stock like an ETF or mutual fund, however, the number of shares in the closed ended fund are just that, “closed”. Meaning the share volume does not actively change like in a mutual fund

What is SPDR?
A SPDR ETF is a mini-portfolio of stocks and derivatives with the goal of emulating an investment like an index or commodity.

5 Ways to Save Money with ETFs
High commissions and management fees, not to mention taxes, can really eat into your investing profits, so it only makes sense to consider exchange traded funds to reduce these costs. Here are five ways you can reduce your investment overhead with ETFs.

Who Constructs ETFs and How Are They Made
ETF Construction Who Makes ETFs How Are ETFs Made ETF Providers

Dividend ETFs – Paying Dividends for your Portfolio
A dividend ETF consists of dividend-paying stocks and usually tracks a dividend index. The stocks in the fund or index a selected based on their dividend yield. Some ETFs apply a general dividend strategy that covers the market as a whole, or they can be segmented.

List of Dividend ETFs
If you're looking for a dividend ETF, you've come to the right place. Dividend funds are gaining popularity due to their abilty to create a revenue stream as well as hedge against inflation and some types of risk. So if you're considering dividend ETFs for your trading strategy, check out the list below and watch these funds in action.

List of ETF Providers
We talk a lot about different types of ETFs on this site, but what about the people behind them. Who creates ETFs? How are ETFs constructed ? And who manages them after they launch? All that is taken care of by ETF providers. And while there are a lot of investment firms in the world of finance, there are not a lot who include ETFs in their...

A List of SPDRs
If you're looking for a list of SPDR ETFs, look no further. A full list of SPDRs for your portfolio.

What is the (DIA) Diamonds ETF?
DIA, the DIAMONDS Trust, Series 1 ETF is an easier way to gain exposure to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Index.

What is a Stock Index?
A stock index is a compilation of stocks constructed in such a manor to track a particular market, sector, commodity, currency, bond, or other asset.

What is the difference between an ETN and an ETF?
ETNs are structured investment products that are issued by a major bank or provider as senior debt notes. This differs from an ETF which consists of an actual security or sometimes commodity derivative.

Types of ETNs
There are many different types of ETNs to utilize in your portfolio. Commodity ETNs, Currency ETNs, Strategy ETNs, and Emerging ETNs may provide the investment vehicle you need to accomplish your investing goals.

List of ETNs
A full list of ETNs to consider for your trading strategy. ETFs are popular, but don't forget about ETNs as well.

What Are Actively Managed ETFs?
Actively Managed ETFs are designed to combine the advantages of ETFs and the benefits of mutual funds in one investment product. In the battle of ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, a winner may have emerged.

Nine Reasons ETFs Can Benefit Your Portfolio
Here are Nine Ways an ETF can Improve your Portflio.

5 Reasons to Consider ETFs instead of Mutual Funds
Mutual funds vs. ETFs. Here are five reasons to consider an ETF over a mutual fund.

Is An ETF Better Than a Mutual Fund?
Is an ETF better than a mutual fund? It depends on who you ask. However if you analyze the pros and cons as well as your portfolio, you might just get your answer.

ETFs vs Indexes - Should I Invest in an Index or ETF?
A lot of ETFs are designed to track an index, but are you better off buying an index basket or the ETF? Every investing situation is different and a lot of factors can affect your trading strategy. However, if you’re armed with the facts, you have the best chance of making the right decision.

Should I buy Stock or an ETF?
How do ETFs stand up against individual stocks? We've seen the battle between ETFs and mutual funds and we've compared ETFs to Indexes. Now it's time to put exchange traded funds against stocks.

11 Strong Reasons to Buy ETFs
If you like to play the market, hedge your risk, or even invest in foreign sectors, then you should consider buying an ETF. Exchange traded funds are getting more popular by the day and the selection has never been higher - for good reason. So if you haven't gone long with any of the types of ETFs available, then here's some good reasons why you should...

Five Things to Consider Before Buying an ETF
There are Five Things you should Consider Before you Buy an ETF.

Six Reasons to Sell an ETF
Selling ETFs might be a sound strategy for your investment portfolio, but as with any investment, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Shorting ETFs - How and Why to Get Short ETFs
Putting on a short ETF position either by shorting an ETF or buying an inverse ETF might be just as profitable as a long position if an investor does so for the right reasons.

List of Inverse ETFs and ETNs
Inverse ETFs create a short ETF position when you buy the ETF. Perfect for inversely tracking an underlying index or investment product, hedging downside risk, or opening a portfolio to downside exposure. How you use inverse ETFs is up to you, however this list of inverse ETFs may help you decide which ones to use.

6 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
There are many disadvantages of mutual funds, so they may not be the best fit for your investment strategy. It may be time to consider ETFs.

Five Reasons an ETF May Not Be Right for You
Here are five reasons why an ETF may not be right for your portfolio.

The History of ETFs
The first ETF showed up in Canada as the Toronto Index Participation Fund (TIP 35). Flash forward to 1993 when the first ETF appeared in the United States as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Depository Receipts. Asia followed suit in 1999 with its first ETF, the Hong Kong Tracker Fund. And last but not least (not really last either) was Europe’s Euro STOXX 50 market ETF launched in 20001.

Eight ETF Earnings Season Investment Strategies
ETFs are a great addition to your earnings season investing strategy. Whether you need to hedge downside risk, gain exposure to certain industries, or increase volatility, exchange traded funds can be the best tool in your investing arsenal. Here’s how ETFs can be a part of your earnings season investing strategy.

Market ETFs for Beginners
A market ETF is a single investment product that consists of equities in the exchange index it is designed to track. The goal of a market ETF is to emulate an exchange index, not outperform it.

Commodity ETFs
Commodity ETFs allow investors to hedge risk or gain exposure to physical goods such as agriculture products, precious metals, and energy resources.

Welcome to the World of Bond ETFs
Bond ETFs seek to emulate a correlating bond index and consist of only the largest and most liquid bonds in the underlying bond index in order to be more liquid, active, and transparent. Three qualities not typical of traditional bonds.

How to Invest in Commodities with Commodity ETFs
Investing in commodities can create exposure to different investment products, reduce risk, hedge inflation, and diversify your overall investing strategy. One good way to invest in commodities is to use commodity ETFs.

Gold ETFs allow you to Invest in Gold Without Investing in Gold
Gold is a safe investment during times of duress, but stocking up on gold bars might not be the most efficient way to go. Enter Gold ETFs, a simple way to expose your investment strategy to the performance of gold, without actually owning any gold products. Gold ETFs consist of futures contracts in order to track the price of gold.

How to Invest in Oil (Without Getting Your Hands Dirty)
There is an alternative to investing in oil without buying actual barrels of oil. They are called oil ETFs and are are a simple way to expose your investment strategy to the price and performance of oil, without actually owning any oil itself. Oil ETFs consist of either oil company stocks or futures and derivative contracts in order to track the...

What Are Actively Managed ETFs?
While leveraged ETFs are an aggressive new ETF innovation, they are also a very controversial ETF innovation. However before you can formulate an opinion on whether these new funds are good or evil, you need to know the basics.

Multiple Lists of ETFs
Multiple lists of ETFs sorted by category, investment strategy, and sectors. If you're looking for certain types of ETFs, this is the place for you.

What is the QQQQ ETF?
QQQQ (now known as QQQ) is the PowerShares Exchange Traded Fund, which tracks the NASDAQ 100; often referred to as the Q’s, the cubes, and the quad Q’s.

Why Buy ETFs
Why did you buy your first ETF? What made you convert to exchange traded funds? Here's your chance to tell the investing world.

Full List of PowerShares ETFs
PowerShares is a leading ETF provider with over 120 exchange traded funds focusing on domestics and international benchmarks.

PowerShares ETFs that are in Development
PowerShares, a leading ETF provider, always has new funds in development. If your interested in their newest products and filings then this list is for you.

List of WisdomTree ETFs
WisdomTree is a major ETF provider best known for its currency and global exchange traded funds. Here is a full list of the exchange traded products WisdomTree offers.

All the ETFs that Closed in 2010
Here are all the ETFs that have shut down and ceased trading in 2010. 49 ETFs we closed this year, but more to come in 2011.

A List of WisdomTree ETFs in Development
Wisdom Tree is a leading ETF provider, and like any good firm, they always have some exchange traded products in development. Here are their current products in development

List of Charles Schwab ETFs
Here is a complete list of Charles Schwab’s ETFs as well as those funds that are still in development.

List of iPath ETNs
iPath is the sister branch of iShares which focuses solely on ETNs. Here is a full list of their exchange traded note products.

List of iPath ETNs in Development
iPath is an industry leader when it comes to exchange traded notes (ETNs). And like any market leader, they continue to innovate and have new products in the pipeline. While they already have a strong selection of ETNs, here is a list of the new notes that will be launched in the future

List of iShares ETFs in Development
iShares is an industry leader when it comes to ETFs. And like any market leader, they continue to innovate and have new products in the pipeline. While they currently have a strong selection of ETFs (over 250 funds), here is a list of the new ETFs that will be launched in the future

Direxion ETFs in Development
Direxion always has new and creative funds in development. And while not all of these have official tickers or launch dates, here is a list of ETFs they have in the pipeline...

List of Direxion ETFs
Direxion is a leading ETF provider mostly known for their leveraged and inverse ETFs. However, they do have non-leveraged funds in their exchange traded product line as well.

Different Types of Weighted Indexes
It is important to understand the three different types of weighted indexes – price weighted, value weighted, and unweighted

List of ETF Securities Current ETPs
Here is the current list of ETF Securities exchange traded products as well as those that the ETF provider has in development.

49 ETFs Were Closed Down in August 2012
There’s no doubt that August was a wild month for ETF closings. In all, three major ETF providers combined to close almost fifty exchange traded funds (49 ETFs to be exact).

ETFs From AdvisorShares
AdvisorShares is a major player in the ETF industry sixteen ETFs in their product line and another three funds in development.

Emerging Global Advisors ETF Provider
Emerging Global Advisors (EG Shares) is a major ETF provider with offices in New York and New Jersey. They have over 20 ETFs in their current product line and as does any good ETF provider, they have another twenty-seven in the pipeline

ETF Securities, A Leading ETF Provider
ETF Securities is not only a leading fund provider in the exchange traded product industry, but they are definitely a leader in precious metal ETFs.

List of iShares ETFs
iShares is one of the leading ETF providers in the finance industry and here is a list of all of their products for your research.

The International Funds of Global X
Global X is a major ETF provider and a strong industry leader in the world of exchange traded products. And while their main headquarters are in New York, the funds they create target companies and assets around the world

List of ETFs and ETNs that were Delisted or Redeemed in 2013
Here is a full list of ETFs and ETNs that were closed or redeemed in 2013.It was a record-high year for exchange traded products being removed from the market.

New ETFs and ETNs Launched in 2013
A complete list of all of the new ETFs and ETNs that were launched in 2013. In all there were over 150 new ETPs last year.

2012 ETF and ETN Closings
Here is a full list of ETFs and ETNs that were delisted or redeemed in 2012 due to lack of interest or thresholds.

New ETFs and ETNs Launched in June
June was an active month in the ETP world as we saw 22 new exchange traded products (18 ETFs, 4 ETNs) come to market. Here is the full list.

ETF and ETN Closings So Far in 2014
In case you missed any of the announcements, here are the 19 exchange traded products that were taken off the market so far in 2014...

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