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14 ETF Trading Strategies

14 ETF Trading Strategies.

Including ETFs in your trading strategy, can help you hedge risk, increase market exposure, and diversify your portfolio. ETF trading strategies can and should be a part of your portfolio.

Exchange Traded Funds Spotlight10

ETF and ETN Closings So Far in 2014

In case you missed any of the announcements, here are the 19 exchange traded products that were taken off the market so far in 2014...

New ETFs and ETNs Launched in June

June was an active month in the ETP world as we saw 22 new exchange traded products (18 ETFs, 4 ETNs) come to market. Here is the full list.

11 New 1.25x Leveraged ETFs Coming Soon From Direxion

Direxion Investments, is bringing a new innovation to the leveraged exchange traded fund category with 1.25 x leveraged ETFs

List of Leveraged Oil ETFs

A full list of leveraged oil ETFs and ETNs, which also includes a compilation of inverse oil funds and notes as well.

Leveraged and Inverse Precious Metal ETFs

A full list of leveraged and inverse precious metal ETFs broken out by each type of metal for investors who want to utilize advanced trading strategies.

Another New China ETF - ASHS

We recently discussed a new China ETF from Deutsche Bank, but they weren't done. They've once again launched a new china-focused fund... ASHS - db

2 New Dividend ETFs - IHDG and EUDG

We have two new dividend ETFs on the market from WisdomTree... EUDG - WisdomTree Europe Dividend Growth Fund IHDG - WisdomTree International Hedged

New China ETF - CN

We have a new China ETF on the market from Deutsche Bank... CN - db X-trackers Harvest MSCI All China Equity Fund The new fund tracks the MSCI All

New ETF Spotlight - BCHP

Recently Emerging Global Advisors rolled out a new ETF focusing on the market performance of well-established, widely recognized developed market companies that

2 ETN Redemptions - ONN and OFF

While we've seen a nice influx of new ETFs this month, we also saw 2 ETNs get redeemed on May 9th... ONN - ETRACS Fisher-Gartman Risk On ETN OFF -

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