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List of Gold ETFs

All the Gold ETFs You Can Eat


If you are considering adding a gold or precious metal ETF to your portfolio to either hedge some risk or gain exposure to these particular commodities, here are some of the main ETFs and ETNs in this sector you should be watching.

For more information on each exchange traded fund or note, click on the listing for a description of the security to help you decide if any of these types of gold ETFs should be a part of your investing strategy. And as new gold ETFs come to market, I will be updating this list so we don't miss any opportunities.

And if you are looking for inverse gold ETFs, then check out the list of short gold ETFs


Gold & Metal Exchange Traded Funds



Gold & Metal Exchange Traded Notes



ETFs and ETNs have many advantages, especially when it comes to taxes, so maybe it’s time you got started with exchange traded funds.

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