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A compilation of all terms related to ETFs. Find definitions and explanations of all things related to Exchange Traded Funds.
  1. ETF Symbols (180)

Continuous Market
A continuous market is a market or exchange where securities are continuously priced and traded in an auction format when the market is open.

ETNs, Exchange Traded Notes
ETNs are structured investment products that are issued by a major bank or provider as senior debt notes. This differs from an ETF which consists of an actual security or sometimes commodity derivative.

Index Basket
Index baskets are a collection of securities that represent a sector or market index.

Industry ETF
Industry ETFs are exchange traded funds that tracks a certain industry or sector of the market. The assets in an industry ETF usually include stocks from that particular industry or mimic the stocks in the sector index.

Market Index ETF
A Market Index ETF tracks the stock market index for a given country, region or exchange.

RevenuShares, ETF Providers
RevenueShares provides index driven ETFs to investors with a focus on investment methodology of weighting an index by company revenue instead of market capitalization.

Stock Index
A stock index is a collection of equities (known as a basket) that represents a sector, industry, region, or stock market. The stocks within the basket are usually either price-weighted or market-weighted.

TWM - an Inverse Leveraged Russell 2000 ETF
TWM tracks the Russell 2000 Index but in the opposite (inverse) direction. As the index decreases in value, TWM increases in price. It also seeks a leveraged return on the underlying index. TWM targets twice the daily return of the index, in the opposite direction.

NASH a Nashville ETF | The Nashville Area ETFs
The Nashville Area ETF (NASH) seeks to provide investment results that correlate with the performance of the Nashville Index.

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