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List of WisdomTree ETFs

WisdomTree's Exchange Traded Products


WisdomTree is a major ETF provider best known for its currency and global exchange traded funds. However, the firm also has other products that could be potential additions to your portfolio such as dividend ETFs, earnings ETFs, and some alternative strategy funds as well.

So for your research, here is a full list of the exchange traded products WisdomTree has to offer. I’ve broken them down by category and will update this list as WisdomTree launches more funds (or de-lists any)…

WisdomTree Currency ETFs

  • BZF - Wisdom Tree Dreyfus Brazilian Real ETF
  • CCX - Wisdom Tree Dreyfus Commodity Currency ETF
  • CEW - Wisdom Tree Dreyfus Emerging Currency ETF
  • CYB - Wisdom Tree Dreyfus Chinese Yuan ETF
  • ICN - Wisdom Tree Dreyfus Indian Rupee ETF
  • WisdomTree Emerging Market ETFs (Equity and Fixed Income)

  • DEM - Wisdom Tree Emerging Markets Equity Income ETF
  • DGS - Wisdom Tree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend ETF
  • EPI - Wisdom Tree India Earnings ETF
  • GULF - Wisdom Tree India Earnings ETF
  • ALD - Wisdom Tree Asia Local Debt ETF
  • ELD - Wisdom Tree Emerging Markets Local Debt ETF
  • EMCB - Wisdom Tree Emerging Markets Corporate Bond ETF
  • WisdomTree International ETFs (Ex-US)

  • AXJL - Wisdom Tree Asia Pacific ex-Japan ETF
  • AUNZ - Wisdom Tree Australia & New Zealand Debt ETF
  • CCXE - Wisdom Tree Commodity Country Equity ETF
  • CHXF - Wisdom Tree China Dividend ex-Financials Index
  • DBU - Wisdom Tree Global ex-US Utility ETF
  • DEW - Wisdom Tree Global Equity Income ETF
  • DNL - Wisdom Tree Global ex-US Growth ETF
  • DRW - Wisdom Tree Global ex-US Real Estate ETF
  • DTH - Wisdom Tree DEFA Equity Income ETF
  • DWM - Wisdom Tree DEFA ETF
  • DXJ - Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Equity ETF
  • EU - Wisdom Tree Euro Debt ETF
  • GNAT – WisdomTree Global Natural Resources Fund
  • HEDJ - WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund
  • WisdomTree Dividend ETFs (Domestic and International)

  • DES - Wisdom Tree Small Cap Dividend ETF
  • DHS - Wisdom Tree Equity Income ETF
  • DLN - Wisdom Tree Large Cap Dividend ETF
  • DON - Wisdom Tree Mid Cap Dividend ETF
  • DTD - Wisdom Tree Total Dividend ETF
  • DTN - Wisdom Tree Dividend ex-Financials ETF
  • AUSE - Wisdom Tree Australia Dividend ETF
  • DFE - Wisdom Tree Europe Small Cap Dividend ETF
  • DFJ - Wisdom Tree Japan Small Cap Dividend ETF
  • DIM - Wisdom Tree International Mid Cap Dividend ETF
  • DLS - Wisdom Tree International Small Cap Dividend ETF
  • DOL - Wisdom Tree International Large Cap Dividend ETF
  • DOO - Wisdom Tree International Small Cap Dividend ETF
  • WisdomTree Domestic Earnings ETFs

  • EES - Wisdom Tree Small Cap Earnings ETF
  • EPS - Wisdom Tree Earnings 500 ETF
  • EXT - Wisdom Tree Total Earnings ETF
  • EZM - WisdomTree MidCap Earnings ETF
  • EZY - Wisdom Tree Large Cap Value ETF
  • WisdomTree Alternative ETFs

  • RRF - Wisdom Tree Global Real Return ETF
  • WDTI - Wisdom Tree Managed Futures Strategy ETF
  • WisdomTree was established in 2006 and currently has almost fifty exchange traded products in its offerings portfolio. The financial firm is located in New York city and is publicly traded under the symbol – WETF. For more information on WisdomTree and its ETFs, you can visit their website.

    And if you want to see the exchange traded funds WisdomTree has in the pipeline, you can see them all on the List of WisdomTree ETFs in Development.

    As with any investment, make sure your research each exchange traded fund individually before making any trades or additions to your portfolio. Understand the risks involved, your financial goals, and watch how each fund reacts to different market conditions. Be sure to consult your broker, advisor or a financial professional if you have any questions or concerns.

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