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Agriculture ETFs – Sowing the Seeds of Investments

Invest in an Agricultural ETF


Out of all the different types of commodity ETFs, there’s no doubt that the energy (mainly oil) and precious metals (mainly gold) get all of the attention. But there are plenty of other commodity ETF opportunities in the investing world as well. One being agriculture ETFs.

Agriculture ETFs can be used to diversify or stabilize a portfolio, hedge risk to certain countries dependent on an agriculture commodity, or even create a new investing opportunity.

And there are two types of agriculture ETFs as well. You can invest in a broad agriculture fund or go for a specific-commodity ETF that targets sugar, coffee, or grains. The choice is yours.

So to set you on your way and help you seed your own portfolio, here is a list of broad agriculture ETFs and commodity-specific funds related to the agriculture industry

  • ADZ - PowerShares DB Agriculture Short ETN
  • AGA - PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short ETN
  • AGF - PowerShares DB Agriculture Long ETN
  • DAD - PowerShares DB Agirculture Double Short ETF
  • DAG - PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Long ETN
  • DBA - PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF
  • DIRT - iPath Pure Beta Agriculture ETN
  • MOO - Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF
  • RGRA - RBS Rogers Enhanced Agriculture ETN
  • VEGI - iShares MSCI Global Agricultural Producers Fund
  • TAGS - Teucrium Agriculture ETF
  • USAG - United States Agriculture Index ETF
  • BAL - iPath Dow Jones AIG Cotton TR Sub-Index ETN
  • CTNN - iPath Pure Beta Cotton ETN
  • CAFÉ - iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN
  • JO - iPath DJ-UBS Coffee Total Return Sub-Index ETN
  • NIB - iPath DJ-UBS Cocoa Total Return Sub-Index ETN
  • CHOC - iPath Pure Beta Cocoa ETN
  • GRU - ELEMENTS MLCX Grains Index Total Return ETN
  • JJG - iPath DJ-UBS Grains Total Return Sub-Index ETN
  • WEET - iPath Pure Beta Grains ETN
  • WEAT - Teucrium Wheat Fund
  • CORN - Teucrium Corn Fund
  • SGAR - iPath Pure Beta Sugar ETN
  • SGG - iPath DJ-UBS Sugar TR Sub-Index ETN
  • CANE - Teucrium Sugar Fund
  • SOYB - Teucrium Soybean Fund
  • COW - iPath DJ AIG Livestock TR Sub-Idx ETN
  • LSTK - iPath Pure Beta Livestock ETN
  • CUT - Claymore/Beacon Global Timber Index ETF
  • WOOD - iShares S&P Global Timber & Forestry Index ETF
  • PBJ - PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage ETF
  • SOIL - Global X Fertilizers/Potash ETF
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