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Bond ETFs

Here's where you can find everything you need to know about Bond ETFs. What they are, how they work, and just how many there actually are. Understanding the basics of bond exchange traded funds will help an investor decide if they should be part of their investment strategy.

Welcome to the World of Bond ETFs
Bond ETFs seek to emulate a correlating bond index and consist of only the largest and most liquid bonds in the underlying bond index in order to be more liquid, active, and transparent. Three qualities not typical of traditional bonds.

14 Types of Bond ETFs
Eleven different types of bond ETFs to utilize for hedging inflation, playing interest rates, entering foreign and emerging markets, or creating a revenue stream.

A List of Bond ETFs
A list of bond ETFs for those who want to diversify a portfolio, hedge interest rates, protect against inflation, invest in international markets or create a revenue stream.

The Risks of Bond ETFs
If you are investing in a bond ETF, then you should be very aware of the associated bond risks since they will impact the value of your exchange traded fund.

U.S. Treasury Bond ETFs - Uncle Sam’s Kind of ETF
US Treasury bond ETFs - a simpler than buying a treasury bond index, easier than selecting a particular treasury bond, and a potential winner in the battle against mutual funds. Treasury ETFs track specific indexes consisting of federal bonds.

List of US Treasury Bond ETFs
Looking to trade some US Treasury Bond ETFs? You've come to the right place. See my full list of US Treasury Bond ETFs updated as they are issued.

What You Need to Know About Municipal Bond ETFs
Thinking about including municipal bond ETFs in your portfolio? Make sure you know all the details...

List of Municipal Bond ETFs
If youre looking to research some municipal bond ETFs for your portfolio, look no further.

4 Ways to Invest with International Bond ETFs
Use international Bond ETFs to diversify a portfolio, gain exposure to foregin markets, hedging foreign risk, control interest rate risk, or create a monthly revenue stream.

List of International Bond ETFs
A list of international Bond ETFs for investors looking to gain exposure to foreign markets, hedge foreign interest rates, or create a revenue stream in their portfolios.

List of Emerging Market Bond ETFs
A full and updated list of emerging market bond funds. This list will be updated as more emerging market bond exchange traded funds are created and launched, and I will remove any that get delisted over time as well.

What is a Corporate Bond ETF?
A corporate bond exchange traded fund is basically an ETF that consists of corporate bonds. You receive all the benefits of ETFs, while at the same time you still get the revenue streams created by the bonds.

List of Corporate Bond ETFs
A full list of corporate bond ETFs for investors looking to include corporate bonds in their portfolio.

What is a Junk Bond ETF?
A junk bond ETF is a bond ETF that tracks only high yield bond indexes. The assets in the index and the ETF are junk bonds, which have higher yields, but higher risk of default as well. So instead of buying a few different junk bonds or investing in the index, you can make your trading life a little easier by purchasing a junk bond ETF.

List of Junk Bond ETFs
High Yield junk bond ETFs are a great way for investors who have a high risk tolerance to play interest rates and the yield curve. So if you are interested in junk bond ETFs, this list is for you.

TIPs ETFs to Hedge Against Inflation Risk
One way to offset some inflation risk is to include TIPs ETFs in your portfolio. TIP funds are mini-portfolios of inflation-protected securities designed to rise in value as inflation increases.

List of Inverse Bond ETFs
For Investors looking to play the bond market, but want to do so with an inverse strategy, then this list of inverse bond ETFs is a great start to your research.

Leveraged Bond ETFs for Your Portfolio
For investors who utilize Bond ETFs, but have a higher risk tolerance, it may be well worth researching this total list of Leveraged Bond ETFs.

Leveraged Inverse Bond ETFs
Inverse leveraged bond ETFs are perfect for investors who have a higher risk tolerance and want to play the bond market to the short side.

ETFs Create Revenues, Returns and Savings
As with any investment, you are looking for a return. And of course that includes ETFs. But wouldn’t it be nice if ETFs not only created an ROI, but also produced a revenue stream as well as save you money? Guess what, they do. Here are a few different ways your trading strategy can profit from ETFs.

Eleven Types of ETFs (And More)
With ETFs gaining more and more popularity with every closing bell, its entirely possible we will have too many different types of ETFs to track. And thats not a bad thing. However, looking at the overall ETF market we can safely categorize the majority of these funds into the following popular types of ETFs.

How to Invest in Foreign Markets with ETFs
Investors are always looking to increase their portfolio exposure and capitalize on profitable opportunities. International investing is no exception. Enter ETFs, efficient and beneficial assets for your portfolio to gain instant access and invest in foreign markets. Here are 6 ways to use international ETFs in your portfolio.

7 Ways Invest in Emerging Markets with ETFs
Emerging market ETFs are a great way to increase profit potential in a portfolio by investing in up-and-coming foreign markets. An emerging market ETF offers instant access, so if you want exposure to emerging markets, here are seven ETF strategies to utilize for your portfolio.

List of Emerging Market ETFs
If you’re looking to invest in some emerging markets, you’ve come to the right place. Emerging market ETFs are a great way to gain exposure to up-and-coming markets while at the same time take advantage of the benefits ETFs have over other investments such as mutual funds.

What is the difference between an ETN and an ETF?
ETNs are structured investment products that are issued by a major bank or provider as senior debt notes. This differs from an ETF which consists of an actual security or sometimes commodity derivative.

7 Ways to Invest in China with China ETFs
Conducting business in China can be difficult. Investing in China doesn’t have to be. Not if you utilize a China ETF. Whether it’s a China foreign ETF or a Chinese currency ETF, you can gain exposure to China’s markets or hedge some of your foreign risk with a China ETF.

List of China ETFs and ETNs
There is no doubt that China has become a potential market for new business within the last few years. The same can be said for investing as well. So if you want to expose your portfolio to China investments, look no further than this list of China ETFs.

What Are Actively Managed ETFs?
Actively Managed ETFs are designed to combine the advantages of ETFs and the benefits of mutual funds in one investment product. In the battle of ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, a winner may have emerged.

What is a Bond Mutual Fund?
With a bond mutual fund, selected bonds are collected into one portfolio and are managed by a professional trader or investment firm. The individual investor can buy into the bond mutual fund, without having to invest in many bonds individually.

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