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Benefits and Advantages of ETFs

Learn about the advantages and benefits of trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and see how they best fit your investment portfolio.

Nine Reasons ETFs Can Benefit Your Portfolio
Take advantage of ETFs by diversifying your investments, hedging against risk, or gaining exposure to certain market sectors with ETFs. Exchange traded funds can be the perfect asset for your portfolio. Investors who include ETFs as part of their trading strategy reap many of these benefits and advantages.

5 Reasons to consider ETFs instead of Mutual Funds
Mutual funds vs. ETFs, the war wages on. Which is the better investment? There’s no clear-cut answer, but understanding the risks and benefits of each asset will allow you to pick the best investment that fits your strategy…

Is An ETF Better Than a Mutual Fund?
Is an ETF better than a mutual fund? It depends on who you ask. However if you analyze the pros and cons as well as your portfolio, you might just get your answer.

ETF Tax Advantages over Mutual Funds
ETFs hold a strong tax advantage over mutual funds, which makes them a beneficial asset to add to an investment portfolio.

5 Ways to Save Money with ETFs
In this economy, there s no doubt you are looking for ways to cut costs. Whether it's a coupon for a can of soup at the supermarket or turning down the thermostat to reduce your energy bill, you're trying to find ways to save money. So why not look at your own trading strategy ? High commissions and management fees, not to mention taxes, can really eat into your investing profits, so it only mak…

Are ETFs Better than Indexes?
A lot of ETFs are designed to track an index, but are you better off buying an index basket or the ETF? Every investing situation is different and a lot of factors can affect your trading strategy. However, if you're armed with the facts, you have the best chance of making the right decision.

Should I buy Stock or an ETF?
How do ETFs stand up against individual stocks? We've seen the battle between ETFs and mutual funds and we've compared ETFs to Indexes. Now it's time to put exchange traded funds against stocks.

ETFs Create Revenues, Returns and Savings
As with any investment, you are looking for a return. And of course that includes ETFs. But wouldn’t it be nice if ETFs not only created an ROI, but also produced a revenue stream as well as save you money? Guess what, they do. Here are a few different ways your trading strategy can profit from ETFs.

6 Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
There are many disadvantages of mutual funds, so they may not be the best fit for your investment strategy. It may be time to consider ETFs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign ETFs
Foreign ETFs may be great investments for your portfolio, but it is important to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Five Reasons an ETF May Not Be Right for You
While ETFs are great investment products, they may not be the perfect fit for your portfolio.

Dividend ETFs – Paying Dividends for your Portfolio
A dividend ETF consists of dividend-paying stocks and usually tracks a dividend index. The stocks in the fund or index a selected based on their dividend yield. Some ETFs apply a general dividend strategy that covers the market as a whole, or they can be segmented.

List of Dividend ETFs
If you're looking for a dividend ETF, you've come to the right place. Dividend funds are gaining popularity due to their abilty to create a revenue stream as well as hedge against inflation and some types of risk. So if you're considering dividend ETFs for your trading strategy, check out the list below and watch these funds in action.

How to Invest in the Stock Market with ETFs
ETFs are a simple way to invest in the stock market without taking on high levels of risk and incurring high transaction costs and fees.

11 Strong Reasons to Buy ETFs
Investors who like to play the market, hedge risk, or invest in foreign sectors, should consider buying an ETF. Exchange traded funds are getting more popular by the day and the selection has never been higher – for good reason.

How to Get Started with ETFs
Before you can get started trading ETFs, it is important to understand the investment vehicle before you add them to your portfolio. Therefore it is important to understand the basics about Exchange Traded Funds.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying an ETF
Before you add an ETF to your portfolio, there are five things you should consider.

Six Reasons to Sell an ETF
Selling ETFs might be a sound strategy for your investment portfolio, but as with any investment, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Gold ETFs allow you to Invest in Gold Without Investing in Gold
Gold is a safe investment during times of duress, but stocking up on gold bars might not be the most efficient way to go. Enter Gold ETFs, a simple way to expose your investment strategy to the performance of gold, without actually owning any gold products. Gold ETFs consist of futures contracts in order to track the price of gold.

How to Invest in Oil (Without Getting Your Hands Dirty)
There is an alternative to investing in oil without buying actual barrels of oil. They are called oil ETFs and are are a simple way to expose your investment strategy to the price and performance of oil, without actually owning any oil itself. Oil ETFs consist of either oil company stocks or futures and derivative contracts in order to track the...

What Are Actively Managed ETFs?
Actively Managed ETFs are designed to combine the advantages of ETFs and the benefits of mutual funds in one investment product. In the battle of ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, a winner may have emerged.

What Are Leveraged ETFs?
While leveraged ETFs are an aggressive new ETF innovation, they are also a very controversial ETF innovation. However before you can formulate an opinion on whether these new funds are good or evil, you need to know the basics.

Eight ETF Earnings Season Investment Strategies
ETFs are a great addition to your earnings season investing strategy. Whether you need to hedge downside risk, gain exposure to certain industries, or increase volatility, exchange traded funds can be the best tool in your investing arsenal. Here’s how ETFs can be a part of your earnings season investing strategy.

What is the difference between an ETN and an ETF?
ETNs are structured investment products that are issued by a major bank or provider as senior debt notes. This differs from an ETF which consists of an actual security or sometimes commodity derivative.

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